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This page is dedicated to my poetry. The poetry I write is an expression of a feelings which I put on to paper which is then translated to the internet. ALL POEMS ARE ORIGINAL.

Profession of Love Foreplay1
Foreplay2 Sex On The Beach
A Fantasy You aren't the bomb
The Predator The woman who wants to be a man
Feeling naked with you

Profession of Love

Oh my darling
let me tell you in every way how much I love you
the way you make me feel is the feeling of that eternal passion
that passion which springs up from inside
touching the very depth of my soul
as we touched souls
on the night we fell in love
your beauty is that of the finest jade
pure and precious
just to look at you gives me that spiritual feeling
your beauty is beyond compare

Oh my darling
let me describe your beauty
lips luscious like cherries
succulent to view and to touch
with my lip onto your lips as we kissed
on that night we fell in love.
The way you made me feel
the butterflies in my stomach
the feeling of walking on air
my body on fire as I kissed
those beautiful and luscous lips.

your hair is as black as the midnight sky
long and penetrating
making your face glow
bringing out the best in you
to feel your hair
is to feel the finest silk
tender ... soft ... seductive
teasing my fingers with that sexual feeling
the smell of your hair
is like flowers after the rain
innocent, sweet, and perfect
when I smell your hair
I lose myself in the aroma
becoming one with the very essence of you.

Your eyes are the reflections of your soul.
When I look into them
I see the beauty of God's works
the serenity
the beauty of your eyes
they show me the reflection of your soul
as we touched souls
on the night we fell in love.

Oh my darling
I love you so much
words cannot explain the feeling I have for you
but I will try.
The feeling is like being on fire
but not hurting
I feel it in my toes
all the way to my head
it makes me breathe hard
with every breath I take
I fall deeper and deeper
succoming to that animalistic urge
of wanting you


right now

in every way ............ and yes

in every position.

Oh my darling
I profess my love to you
my heart is yours
as I protect your heart
because I love you so much.


My eyes to your eyes
My breath to your breath
My lips to your lips
My soul to your soul
Words cannot express the love we share
As we share that most intimate of moments

Looking into your eyes
I see your spiritual self
Your vulnerabilities
Your heart
Everything that spells the very essence of you
Without saying a word
I tell you through my gestures
That I accept you
I adore you
I love you
With all my heart
Every touch of my body on your body
The teasing of my hands on your flesh
Spells the very expressions of how I feel about you.

As I move my hand slowly down your side
Touching you ever so softly
Touching your neck with my fingertips
The feeling to my hands is like velvet
Smooth to the touch

Moving my hands to your breasts
Feeling every part of your motherly nature
Caressing circles around your nipples
barely touching
watching you succumb to the feeling
as you slowly lose control.
But it is alright
Because my heart is in your heart
And yours mine.
Moving my tongue down from your neck to your breasts
Tracing a teasing path of passion
Slowly Ö softly Ö seductively sweet
And as I barely move my tongue around your breasts
I see you more and more losing control
Wanting me more
And more Ö and more.
It is then I touch your nipple softly with my tongue
And then the other
feeling the quiver of your body beneath me
As you shudder.
repeating this over and over
Teasing you Ö Punishing you
with that loving feeling
until you can take no more.
And when I take you nipples into my mouth
softly Ö gently
suckling like a baby
feeling your body quiver and jerk
feeling your nipples harden between my tongue and lips
hearing your contentment
your acceptance
your love
healing every part of me
for we are one
in the feeling of love.

Traversing my tongue down your stomach
I think about how beautiful you are
The beauty of this woman
Receiving me
Adoring me
Loving me
Our feelings are one
In the ebb of love
Kissing you all over
thinking about you
The total you.
You are the one.
My one.
The woman of my dreams.
Traversing my tongue all the way down
To your belly-button
Making circles around your belly button
Softly Ö gently Ö teasing
Tickling your essence
Feeling your anticipation
Of what's to come
And as I traverse down
And down
And down
And down
Licking your hair
Touching it with my tongue and fingers
Ever so softly
Thinking of you
Watching you
And as I traverse down
And down
And down
And down
To your inner thigh
Traversing my tongue across
Watching you as you look at me
with that look
That animalistic look
That look that says without words
I want you
Right now
now damn it now
watching you suck your bottom lip.

And as I look into your eyes
I touch that part of you
Ever so gently
Softy Ö with my tongue
seeing your eyes close
Your head laying back
In pure ecstacy
Becoming one with the feeling
And as I traverse the sweetness between your legs
in motions of expression
holding your hands
As they hold mine
Fingers interlocking
holding on for dear life.

The trembling of your stomach
The firmness of your hands
Holding on
Interlocking my hands
As moans slip away
into quiet satisfaction
Sucking your bottom lip
Becoming one with the feeling
Succoming to the passion and love
Which I express to you
As we make love.


My eyes to your eyes
My breath to your breath
My lips to your lips
My soul to your soul
Words cannot express the love we share
As we share that most intimate of moments

As I sit here
Looking into your soul
Watching you
Wanting you
Awaiting the anticipation
As you kiss my earlobes
The feeling you give me
is like being enveloped
Eaten .. covered
Surrounded with that feeling
I can't help but close my eyes
And take it all in
Savoring every moment
Like time stopped

And as you gently kiss my neck
With each gentle kiss
You say without words
You are my life
My love
My one
The gentleness of your kisses
The warmth of your tongue on my neck
Feeling it trace up and down
Ever so gently
Gives me that warming feeling
Body writhing
As I pull you in close
Messaging your sides with my hands
Feeling your breasts touch my chest
As I become one with you

And as I feel your tongue tracing my muscles
I think about you
My one
My sweetness
Looking into your eyes
As you look into mine

I see the passion
The love Ö the fire
That look
A look that says
Without words

Sit back baby

Let me take control

For my life is to pleasure you

Forever and Always

So I sit back
And take it all in
Fighting the urge
To pleasure you back
And as you show me how you feel
Without words
tasting my chest with your tongue
kissing every part of me
Ever so gently
Accepting me
healing me
loving me
feeling sharp pings in my stomach
Pings of pleasure
That make my body jerk



Like an itch that can't be scratched
Teasing me
Punishing me
Loving me

Feeling you circle my nipples with your tongue
itching in anticipation
As you tease me
Punish me
Love me.

It's a journey
of exploration
of self-discovery
That's intimate between the two of us.

And as you torture me with your tongue
tracing the muscles of my stomach

Oooooo that's my spot

Right there baby

Ooooo that feels so good

In anticipation of what's to come
I look into your eyes
Seeing the very essence of your soul.
Watching you
As you show me without words
How you feel about me

My body on fire
Breathing heavy
Wanting you

Now !

Right now !!

Now damn it now !!!

To complete me
To finish me

But you choose to punish me
With the pain of pleasure
traversing my body with your tongue.
Kissing every part of me
Expressing without words
How you feel.

I hear myself now
In moans of excitement
The sound echoing in my ears
For I am out of my mind
The more I am "punished"
The more my body pings
As I await you to complete me.
But you don't
Choosing to tease me
As I try to contain the feeling
Holding my head in my hands
Biting my fingers
Punishing me with your tongue
And kisses.

And as you kiss below my abs
You tease me
Holding my member
In your hands
kissing around it
feeling every part with your tongue

teasing me

Punishing me

I can't take any more !

Finish me !!

Please baby please !!!

Hearing my voice echo in my mind
Feeling my own breaths
Exhaling like it were my last.

And as you take me in
I lose all my breath
my body jerking upward
But you push my chest back down
With a firm hand
Showing your strength
Your control over me
The back of my head hitting the pillow
My body tensing
feeling the sensation
losing control
looking into your eyes
as you look into mine
Sucking my bottom lip
Becoming one with the feeling
Succumbing to the passion
and love
Which you express to me
As we make love.

Sex On the Beach

Moon glistening
Waves crashing
The smell of the sand
The wine ... the candles
your body leaning up against me
your back touching my chest
my arms holding you
your head leaning on my shoulders
looking upward
as I feed you grapes.
I'm in heaven.

Being with the one I love
the warmth of your skin next to mine
Looking into your eyes
seeing your soul
I'm in heaven

those sensuous lips
full and luscous
taking in every grape
slowly ... seductively.
The smallest movement exciting me
telling me without words
how you feel.
Savoring every moment
those beautiful eyes
the sincereity
the beauty
I'm in heaven.

Kissing you is such sweetness.
Feeling the softness of your lips next to mine.
Feeling my soul travel to yours.
Not feeling myself anymore
but feeling us as one.

As the waves crash
the moon glistening off the ocean
I'm in heaven

Carrying you in my arms to the water.
Feeling your fingers caress my neck
As you look at me
with those beautiful eyes
feeling your admiration
your trust
your letting go ... surrendering your love
As I walk with you in my arms.

Feeling the water around us.
As we embrace
Our clothes ... floating away
washing up on the shore

Being one in the water.
Our movements creating ripples.
Ripples of passion.
Caressing our souls.
watching you .. feeling me
sucking your bottom lip
breathing heavy
feeling the firmness of your embrace.
as I move around inside you
tasting you with rhythmic motion
savoring every moment.

As the waves crash
As the moon glistens off the water
the candles burning in the distance.

Like the drink
Sweet to the lips
Savoring every flavor of the moment
Like it were our last

That is the essence
Of sex ... on the beach.

A Fantasy

As a friend
I shouldn't have these thoughts
but your movements
but for just a second
are a lifetime to me.
To everyone else
it was nothing
but to me
it was a fantasy
watching you
how you caressed your body
with your hands
tracing a path
with your fingers
from your breasts to you hips.
looking at you
in that moment
exciting me
making me want you
right now !!!
pinning you against the wall
the warmth of our bodies touching
as I taste your wants and desires
savoring every moment
as you say without words
an expression of passion
but it was a fantasy
which for just a moment
we were one.

The Predator

I am the predator
The one you can't see
The one who watches
From the mountain-top
Watching your every maneuver
Watching your every step
Knowing your thoughts
For every step you take
I take with you
For every breath you take
I take with you
For we are one
As I predict your movements.
Knowing what you can do
Can't do.
Will do
Won't do.

And when I come down from the mountain
I move silently
Like a ghost
Seeing you
Watching you
Unaware of my movements upon you
Correcting for every change you make
In my place of concealment.
Patiently buying my time.
Your breaths become my breaths
Your motions become my motions
for we are one.
As I watch you
From my place of concealment.

And when the time is right
I strike with blinding speed
focusing my power
to obtain the objective.
Expressing neither the emotion of anger nor the complacency of joy
But my focus is on the objective

And when the objective is accomplished
I retreat to the mountains
Like a ghost in the wind
Disappearing before your eyes
Leaving no trace.
No tracks
As if I were never there.

For now I stay in the mountain

The woman who wants to be a man

You may think that you are the man
To think you have run over me
To think that you have gotten your way
Regardless of what I thought
But you donít understand
Or else you wouldnít have taken my kindness for weakness.

Sometimes I wonder if it is my job to make you understand
That you arenít the man
Just as much
As I am not the woman.
You probably tell your friends
I run all over him
He gives me no boundaries.

But isnít it that previous guy
Who treated you like shit
And you loved him because
He gave you boundaries
Like a parent to a child
But in this case an abusive parent
To a child.
Abusing you not physically
But mentally
So much that you
Donít see the abuse
But think he is strong
And say he was a man.

But like a child, you test my limits
To see where I stand
To know what you can do and what your canít.
The boundaries you must see
To know if Iím strong.

To make you understand
I love you very much
To the heart is where my love is
To make you a part of me
Like my arm
But now that arm is hurting me
The very heart within.
In truth I should cut it off
But try cutting off your own arm.
Now you see
How much it hurts what you do.

But in truth
I should be loving myself
More than I love you
And to be good to myself
By never letting you get so close
To keep myself within myself
And love you
But not so much
That you become a part of me

So I can be strong
And give you your boundaries
And be that parent to you
I remember when you did say

ďYou remind me of my dadĒ

The lesson learned is I got to love myself
The love you give is not the cake
But the icing.
For my own love is the cake.

To not need your love

But to want it

Prefer it

To need it is like being on crack
Always wanting my fix
And you the drug - dealer.
And in doing so
I donít become a man
But a crack addict
Now that my lady feels she needs to be the man
Because I am not.
But just a crack addict

But understand that that was then and this is now
You arenít looking at a crack addict
But a man
Who loves you to the heart
And will put my foot down when needed.
To give your boundaries.

But Ö
Also bedtime stories
To caress you with strength of hand
Strong but gentle

Are you ready to be a woman ?
Because I will not stand for anything else.


Let me tell you right now that you ainít the bomb.
The bomb in which you say you are
The bomb; you tell yourself
But the reality is that you arenít
It isnít what you say to yourself
It what that other person feels
That makes the difference.

In truth
You should feel like you are the bomb
Because you are Ö.if you feel highly about yourself

But you should always
That others may not feel that same way.

The trap is always when you think that that person
Feels the way about you that you feel about them
And to heal your bruised ego
You try to make them realize
What you feel about yourself
But that is such a lie
Because they never felt that way
In the first place

That is the trap
That makes you wonder
Why they act the way they do
Because you are the bomb
And they should realize that
But they donít ; and to even realize that they feel this way
Will make you less of a person
Oh how that person has such control over you now
It isnít only how you feel
but how that person feels too
That makes the difference.

True wisdom is realizing
What you canít control
What you can control
And the wisdom to know the difference.

And in finishing
I say to you
Believe that you are the bomb
Because you are the bomb !!!
But understand that others may not feel that way
And to love people who feel the same way about you
As you do to them.

For that is true wisdom

Feeling naked with you

When we talk
The connection we feel
When I say words to you
To express my feelings wishes and desires
I feel naked with you
Our souls touching
Making love without physically touching.

If I could see you now
If you were next to me
I would only express physically
What I feel for you now
The joining of us on that physical level
Is only the last part of our love making.

It isnít a release
But then it is
To release our emotional selves
To each other
To make love
Where we become one another
Our personalities mixing
The love we make together
And to be encompassed by that love.

The world is gone
Nothing matters
But the two of us
Surrounded by our love
The love which our children feel
Who havenít been born yet.
Itís as if nothing else matters.

And as I say goodbye on the phone
Hoping to see you
I put my clothes back on
Even though Iím fully dressed.