Motorola 56002 Evaluation Module$110
Labor $40/Hr.($40)(8 hours) = $320 per module


The performance of the filter was exceptional in its testing. The filter managed to filter out all noise signals which were not in the passband of the filter. The output of the signal was an exact reconstruction of the original signal with some minor attuenuation. the filter attenuates at the specified passbands and falls within the transition frequencies.
During one of the tests was conducted using a noise generator. When the filter was tested with this generator, there was still noise present in the output signal. What was found was a phenomenon called "aliasing". which is defined as undersampling a signal thus causing the undersampled signal to lose information. The undersampled noise will be now represented as a noise signal of a lower frequency. The new noise component will be the difference between the sampling frequency and the noise component. If the noise difference falls between the passband of the filter, then the noise will not be filtered. to alleviate this problem, an analog lowpass filter was introduced prior to the digital filter to attenuate the high frequencies. A block diagram of this will be shown below.