function and variable declarations

			filename dsp21.h

complex 	poly__polar(double P2[], complex, int);
void 		pfraction();
complex		polar__pole();
complex		cmul1(complex,complex);
complex		cdiv1(complex,complex);
complex		cadd1(complex,complex,int);
complex		Dz(complex,int);
complex		Dzz(complex,complex,complex);
complex		fixnp(complex);
void		pole__array(int);
void		poly__product(double C[], double D1[], double D2[], int);
void		poly__product1(double P1[], double AB[], int);
void 		read__coeffs();
void		print__pfcoeffs();
void		printpar();
void		cascade__parallel();
void		zero__arrays();
double		cabs1(complex);
void		izt__output();
void 		ncoeff(int);
double		A[size], B[size], Ni[size], Di[size];
double		ak[size], bk[size], h[size];
void		power__series();
int		signx(double);
int		M,N,N1,M1,nstage,iopt,iir;
long		npt;
complex		pk[10],ck[10],p[20];
float		l1n,l2n,fmax;
double		B0;
FILE		*in, *out, *fopen();

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