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This listing shows a brief summary of the books I have read. I have placed the name and ISBN number for those who may want to purchase them. The rating section is my personal rating of the book. {***** - excellent, **** - recommended, *** - ok but not great, ** - disappointing, * - poor). Enjoy.

Ron's book review
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Title:Tactical Radio Operations FM 06-02.53 Author:Department Of Defense Rating: ISBN: Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:This field manual (FM) serves as a reference document for tactical radio systems.
(It does not replace FMs
governing combat net radios, unit tactical deployment, or technical manuals [TMs] on equipment use.) It also
provides doctrinal procedures and guidance for using tactical radios on the modern battlefield.
This FM targets operators, supervisors, and planners, providing a common reference for tactical radios. It
provides a basic guidance and gives the system planner the necessary steps for network planning,
interoperability considerations, and equipment capabilities.


Title:working Effectively with legacy Code Author:Michael C Feathers Rating:**** ISBN:0131177052 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:is your code easy to change? Can you get nearly instantaneous feedback when you
do change it? Do you understand it? If the answer toany of these questions is no, you have legacy code, and
it is draining time and money away from your development efforts.

In this book, Michael C Feathers offers
start-to-finish strategies for working more effectively with large, untested legacy code bases. This book
draws on material Michael created for his own Object oriented seminars: techniques Michael has used in
mentoring to help hundreds of developers, technical managers, and testers bring their legacy systems under

Comments:The book gives good examples of certain senarios that you see n software code. It does
expect that you know little about working with legacy code and at times can be a bit tedious, but the book
is very thorough in getting aspects of code into unit test. The book was a part of my book club at Harris
and I recommand it to any software engineer. Examples like the Sprout methods and classes and ways of
including provate variables into a test are invaluable. If having to work on such concepts without reading
this book it would take time to figure out ways of dealing with them. I do also intend upon coding the
different methods listed in the appendix on a compiler to help reinforce the new concepts and methods. I
recommand this book.

Title:The War of the Flea Author:Robert Tabor Rating:**** ISBN:ISBN-13: 9781574885552 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:In the late 1950s, American investigative journalist Robert Taber marched from
Sierra Maestra to Havana with revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. In this reprint of his
1965 text, Taber analyzes the means and methods of the guerilla fighter, likening him to an agile flea, and
comparing his enemy to a dog with too much territory to defend. The volume features a new foreword by Bard
E. O'Neill (insurgency and revolution studies, National War College). Annotation c. Book News, Inc.

Comments:The book for the first eight chapters highlights insurgencies around the world within
the 20th century. They highlight the reasons such insurgencies successed and the mistakes the opposing
forces made that enhanced the insurgent activity. the last two chapters talk about the insurgencies that
failed and why. the main precept that is highlighted is that previous wars like WWI and WWII fought for
territory while a gierilla warfare style of fight fought over people and politics. A very good book to read
about insurgencies and a good book to understand the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Title:The complete reference C++ Author:Herbert Shildtz Rating: ISBN:0-07-222680-3 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Master programmer and best selling author Herb Schildt has updated and expanded
his classic reference to C++. using expertly crafteed explainations, insider tips, and hundreds of examples,
Schildt explains and demonstrates every aspect of C++. inside you'll find details of the entire C++
language, including it's keywords, operators, preprocessor, directives, and libaries. There is even a
synopsis of the extended keywords used for .NET prgramming. Of course, everything is presented in the clear
crisp, uncompromising style that made Herb schildt the choice of millions. Whether you're a beginning
programmer or a seasoned pro, the answers to all your C++ questions can be found in this lasting resource.

Comments:This book has alot of examples, typical of Herb Schildt's style. Examples are a great
way to learn code and to increase that skill to be able to employ them on a home compiler is even better.
The explainations give you a good understanding of why certain concepts are emphasized as well as with the
examples the outputs give you feedback to the code emphasizing understanding.

Title:Army Leadership FM-22-100 Author:US ARMY Rating:***** ISBN: Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The US Army field Manual for Leadership.

Comments:A good book on leadership. It's an Army field manual but the lessons learned from it can be used in the corporate world.

Title:INfantry Rifle Platoon and Squad FM3-21.8 Author:US ARMY Rating:***** ISBN: Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:This book is the shows infantry tactics from platoon on down.

Comments:The book is a great for understanding squad tactics. This book is the update to FM7-8
and updates the soldier to todays warfare going from cold war tactics to urban warfare. The book goes into great
detail about the roles of the soldier in squad and platoon as well as gets detailed about formations, movements
in platoon and squads. The sections that are of interest are the offensive, defensve and stability operations.
in the offensive sections they go into detail about the use of the infantry platoon and artillary and the
combined use as well as the different methods of attack. the defensive sections for into the mindset of defense
and the ways to defend. It also goes into detail about squad level tactics and battle drills from Ambush to
creating an ORP. The sections in MOUT (Military Operations In Urban Terrain) are very good and give good basics.
The only disadvantages I see are in mission planning on the squad and platoon levels. No formal Oporder is given
so this book needs to be complimented with the Ranger handbook which has in detail what FM3-21.8 may briefly go

Title:The 33 Strategies of War Author: Robert Greene, Don Leslie Rating:***** ISBN:9781598870916 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The contemporary companion to Sun-tzu's The Art of War, this
brilliant distillation of the strategies of war can help us gain mastery in the modern
world. Spanning world civilizations, synthesizing dozens of political, philosophical,
and religious texts and thousands of years of violent conflict, this is a comprehensive
guide to getting ahead and staying there. Each chapter outlines an approach that will
help you win your life's wars. Learn the offensive strategies that require you to
maintain the initiative and negotiate from a position of strength, and the defensive
strategies that enable you to respond to dangerous situations and avoid situations where
winning is impossible.

Comments: This audio CD was a great listen, especially after traveling long
distances. Many concepts which are used in our current military are shown to be useful
in everyday life. when listening to the CD you can imagine many areas in your life where
these excerts can apply. Whether in the corporate board room or on the battlefield.
These lessons are helpful in all of life's conflicts.

Title:Insurgency and Terrorism Author:Bard E. O'Neill Rating:**** ISBN:1-57488-172-8 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:A systematic,comprehensive, and straightforward textbook
for analyzing and comparing insurgencies and terrorist movements, insurgents and
terrorism was first published in 1990 o broad acclaim. Now it has been thoroughly
revised and updated to cover activity that has sine occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq,
Philippines,Columbia, and elsewhere and to address the new tactics and weapons used --
and threatened. Author Bard E. O'Neill, the director of studies of insurgencies and
revolution at the National War College, addresses insurgencies with respect to
ultimate goals, strategies, organization, the role and means of acquiring popular
support, causes and effects of disunity, types of external support, and government

Comments:This is a very good book in understanding the complexities of
insurgencies and a way to actually define the main differences between terrorists,
insurgencies and guerrilla warfare. The book starts with the different types of
insurgencies giving examples of different types. Such as anarchists, egalitarian,
traditionalist, and secessionists. They also go into detail about the different types
of support such as popular support and military types of insurgencies and the types of
insurgents who use various tactics. The book does show the combinations of different
types of insurgents, the ones that have been successful and the ones who have failed.
The book also gives examples of government responses to different insurgencies
advantages and disadvantages as well as popular figures in insurgent history such as
Mao Tse-tung Dung, and Ernesto Che Guerra. It is a recommended read for those trying
to understand terrorism and insurgencies. The book allows you to categorize the
complexities for better understanding of insurgencies as well as established
government's responses.

Title:Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modelling Author: Monson H. Hayes Rating:**** ISBN:0-471-59431-8 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:This book discusses the statistical aspects of DSP digital
signal processing and includes different DSP filters, theory and implementations. All
implementations were done in Matlab. The chapters start with background and Discrete
Random Processes. Then they go into, signal modelling, Levinson Recurson, Lattice
Filters, Weiner Filtering, Spectrum Estimation, and Adaptive Filtering.

Comments:The book was definitely great in discussing the fine aspects of
signal modeling and adaptive filtering. The book gives examples in Matlab for students
as well as professionals to implement in Matlab. It took me a while to finish the book
cover to cover and I did some of the problems in every chapter. But in terms of making
students understand filtering algorithm concepts such as linear prediction and lattice
filtering, it was a great book to have in understanding those aspects.

Title:Map Reading and Land Navigation Author:US Army FM 21-26 Rating:**** ISBN:FM 21-26 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Basic Army Land Navigation

Comments:Good book to learn about land navigation. Very good at
understanding coordinate systems and longitude/latitude coordinates. It also shows you
different land navigation techniques such as resection and intersection. You also
learn aerial, topographical maps and how to view them. A good read for anyone who
wants to know more about land navigation.

Title:Rainbow Six Author:Tom Clancey Rating:***** ISBN:0-425-17034-9 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book: Clark is at the center of Rainbow Six, a complex,
multi-layered story of an elite team of international antiterrorists. Clark and his
buddies do not shy away from using violence as a means of resolving issues with
terrorists, and this gives Six something of a dark edge to it. Clancy handles all this
superbly, and crosses over into the horror-thriller area with his various subplots.
There are a ton of subplots, but by the end of this novel, they're all interwoven like
lost strands of some grand tapestry.

Comments:This book was the longest book I have read. 897 pages long. Even
still it was a real good read. near the end it kept me intetersted and the suspense
was something. This book did have alot of subplots and it was interesting how each
plot eventually came together. It goes into the lifestyle of the "spooks" which was
real good and the technical aspects were great. At time's you did want to get to the
nitty gritty but that delay only added to the suspense. Granted, it wasn't as dirty as
Richard Marcinko's novels but it did have subplots which were written well. I enjoyed
the book and would recommend it. one thing I enjoyed was that you could get into the
characters in each subplot. See how they were thinking and how they came up with
solutions. Alot of questioning in these characters. Where the characters asked
themselves. for example: "It isn't murder isn't it ?" Interesting wordings. In general
an interesting book. It gets my 5 stars.

Title:Disclosure Author:Michael Crichton Rating:***** ISBN:0-345-39105-5 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:a Brutal struggle in the cutthroat computer industry... A
shattering psychological game of cat and mouse.. A shocking accusation that threatens
to derail a brillant career ... These are the electrifying elements of the novel by
the author of The Lost World and Jurrasic Park. It is Michael Crichton at his best.

An up-and-coming executive at a computer firm Digicom, Tom Sanders is a man whose
corporate future is certain. But after a closed-door meeting with his new boss-a
woman who is his former lover and has been promoted to the position he expected to
have--Sanders finds himself caught in a nightmarish web of deceit in which he is
branded the villian.

As Sanders scrambles to defend himself, he uncovers an electronic trail into the
companies secrets--and begins to grasp that a cynical and manipulative sceme has been
devised to bring him down....

Comments:This book was really good. I was so surprised with this book.
It was so different than the movie. Meredeth Johnson is much more coniving in the
book and is much more disturbed. The book touches very much on the glass ceiling that
women have in corporate life and to what ends that some women will do to get to the
top. The book puts you through both sides of the issue. I was also impressed by the
technical side of the issue and showed a technical business; and how it is run. The
book really shows you that sexual harassment is really about power. It also shows you
just how a sexual harassment claim can ruin a person's career even if you didn't do
it. Just the claim alone can ruin a career and the book shows that. I liked the movie
better, but the book was real good as well.

Title:The Punisher Author:D.A. Stern, Jonathon Hensleigh Rating:**** ISBN:0-345-47556-9 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:FBI agent Frank Castle's final case ended with a literal
bang, when a wannabe weapons smuggler is gunned down during a sting operation. But
the dead man isn't just any punk. he is the son of Howard Saint, the powerful Florida
tycoon whose multimillion-dollar money-laundering business has made him as rich--abd
as ruthless--as any of his gangster clients.

Saint wants payback--with interest--for his boy's death. And he gets it, by
orchestrating a massacre that claims the lives of Frank Castle's beloved wife and son-
-and almost kills Castle. But almost doesn't count. Now Frank Castle--ex-FBI agent,
ex-Special Forces commando, ex-husband and father--is canceling his retirement and
starting a new career. One that begins wit teaching Howard Saint the untimate lesson:
No evil deed goes unpunished.

Comments:This book surprised me very much. It has alot of details about
how the punisher gets his revenge, or should I say punishment. I like the
declarations and when Castle writes things in his journal exlaining what needs to be
done and his thoughts. I also like the organization of time when dealing with his
activities. In the book, you see how he organizes things. You also see how Frank
Castle becomes the punisher and how his family side slowly fades away and "becomes
the dead man" who is the punisher. I was surprised with this book because the movie
was bad, with a rating of **. The book shows you more detail and flows smoothly
showing you what Castle is doing and also how the punisher came into being. I love
the first declaration which I beleve in. "Declaration 1: Sic vis pacem, para
bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war)

Title:Blackman with a gun Author:Ken Blanchard V.F. Rating:***** ISBN:1-561-67656-X Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:A Responsible Gun Ownerhship Manual for African Americans

Comments:This book is real good for African Americans who want a
different opinion on the gun issue. It gives good information on different types of
guns. the different competitions and a good way to help people to choose the right
firearms for them. It also shows you the myths of gun ownership and dispels those

Title:Eaters of the Dead Author:Michael Crichton Rating:*** ISBN:0-345-35461-3 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:In the year A.D. 922, a refined Arab courtier,
representative of the powerful Caliph of bagdad, encounters a party of Vikings
warriors on their journey to the barbaric North. He is appalled by Viking customs--
the wanton sexuality of their pale, angular women, their disregard for cleanliness,
their cold-blooded human sacrifices. But only in the depths of the Northland does he
learn the horrifying truth; He has been enlisted to combat a terror that comes under
cover of night to slaughter the Vikings and devour their flesh....

Comments:This was the first book I have read from Michael Crichton. It
was a good story. The thing I liked about it was the fact that it is a true story
written a thousand years ago. I liked the movie better, which usually isn't the
case. But the book was real good in storytelling. I would have to say though the
story went too fast and would have like to see it go more slowly. Granted the story
was taken from written account of Ibn Fadlan's journeys. The book I feel gives more
support to the movie, which cannot give all the details that the book can give. I
look at the book as a good story and a historical account of a journey that
happenned to one Ibn Fadlan one thousand years ago. I liked the description of the
Vikings and their customs. How Ibn eventaully became a warrior and adopted the
Viking ways. You see how he develops into a warrior like the Vikings. The book was a
very good story, and gives good accounts of the vikings.

Title:Recondo (LRRPs in the 101st Airborne) Author:Larry Chambers Rating:***** ISBN:0-8914-1840-7 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:For the fighters in the swamps, ambushes in the jungle
, or just facing the enemy dead-on, Recondo trained LRRPs to win.

They will never be able to duplicate the 5th Special Forces Recondo School and the
training they gave it's grads something they desperately needed--the skills to
survive Long Range Patrol missions in jungles that the NVA considered it's own.
Vietnam veteran Larry Chambers vividly describes volunteer-only trainging program in
Nha Trang and the horrowing graduation mission to scout out, locate, and the out-
guerrilla the NVA.

Here is an unforgettable account that follows Chambers and the Rangers every step of
they way--from joining, going through Recondo and finally leading his team on white-
knuckle missions through the deadly jungles of Vietnam.

"I made this book mandatory reading for my rangers....We went from the worst platoon
in the regiment to the best platoon in six months. In training we'd get to the
objective so fast they had to hold us back."---U.S. Army Master Sergeant H. "Max"
Mullen Ret. 75th Ranger Regiment. Comments:This book definitely gives a new account to the Vietnam
experience. Alot of movies give such a bad stereotype of the experience. this book
does give you the realities of jungle fighting in Vietnam; the harshness of it; but
it also shows the good sides of being there and the positive sides of it from the
Soldiers point of view. You see in the book how he was "just and ordinary soldier"
who went to vietnam. A cherry. He made the choice to go into the LRRPs voluntary. In
the unit, you see how the people in the unit took care of him. One thing in the book
which opened my eyes, was how the soldiers cared for each other. How if one died it
effected the rest of the group. Different from the stereotype of Vietnam where
people didn't care about each other or the soldiers were victims. This book shows
the US soldier the way he should be. On the offensive. Taking it to the enemy. The
book was great in showing the development chambers from a cherry to a veteran and
how he loved what he did. How he felt proud that his dad would be proud of what he
was doing and in a sense carrying on a family tradition. You also see his political
view with the war. It is gung-ho but gung-ho with reality, he shows how scared he
was on every mission. It never goes away but you find ways to deal with it and FIDO.
(Fuck It Drive On) midset. The book also shows well the hardship of coming back to
civilian life. Overall, it showed his experiences in Vietnam and the comradery and
thoroughness of the LRRPs special forces recondo group.

Title:Delta Force Author:Col. Charlie Beckwith Rating:***** ISBN:0-380-80939-7 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:This book is from the person who started Delta Force and
goes through what he had to do to start the world's best counterrorist organization.

comments:This book really shows you the inner workings of what it took
to build up delta force. How many people didn't want to have an organization like
this and wanted it to fail. It shows in detail what happenned at Operation Ricebowl.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about counterterrorist groups. It
gives a good detail about what it takes to be in this elite unit. The chapters keep
you going and at the end of each chapter you want to know more. A very good book.

Title:Star Wars (The new Jedi Order)(The Final Prophesy) Author:Greg Keyes Rating:*** ISBN:0-345-42875-7 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Troubles for the embattled living planet Zonama Sekot have
just begun. as Luke Skywalker and Jacan Solo negotiate it's place ion the galactic
struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong, one of its organic ships is taken by the alien
invadors. Scientists Nen Yin is ordered to use the captive to find weak spots in
Zonama Sekot's technology. But what Nen Yin discovers about the planet and it's
mysteries shocks her to the core. Clearly her people have gone teribly astray. For
the peace-loving planet harbors not only the keys to it's own destruction, but the
long-forgotten secrets of the Yuuzhan Vong themselves.

Meanwhile, General Wedge Antilles, commanding one fleet in a three-pronged campaign
to retake the Bilbringi system, is suddenly stranded deep in Yuuzan Vong space, cut
off from all contact. Wedge and his ships must rely on trickery and brillant battle
tactics if they are to survive long enough to ensure the success of one of the
deadliest and most crucial missions the Galactic Alliance forces have ever undertaken.

Comments:This was the first book dealing with the Star Wars storybooks. It
was a good book. At first I had to get used to dealing with fantacy, but I got used
to dealing with three different situations happenning. It was like watching the star
wars movies where three things are happenning and in the end the three situations
combine together. That was pretty cool. Overall, the book was real good. But I don't
think I will be reading another star wars book.

Title:Michael Savage (The enemy within) Author:Michael Savage Rating:** ISBN:0-7852-6102-8 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Michael Savage, by sizzling with passion and succinct
genious, soared to become the #1 afternoon drive-time host in the San Francisco Bay
area. Now heard on more than 300 radio stations, the syndicated The Michael
Savage Show
is breaking records. From KNEW in San Francisco to WOR in New
York City, KLIF in Dallas, KXL, in Portland, Oregon, and KRLA in Los Angeles, America
is tuning to Michael Savage. Fitting no stereotype, he attacks oversized
bureaucracies and
liberal media bias but champions the environment and animal
rights. Deriving his
political views from Plato, Aristotle, and the rugged
individual-affirmative literature of
earlier times, Savage spikes his delivery
with quotes from Plato's republic, Ralf
Waldo Emmerson's Self
, Gibbon's History of Rome, and many
other classical works of

Passionate about science, Michael Savage is highly educated. HE holds one masters
degree in medical botany, another in medical anthrpoplogy, and earned hid Ph.D from
the university of California at berkley in epidemiology and nutrition science. He's
also an ardent conservationist and dog owner. He brings all his interests into play
through active debate with his callers. regardless of their political inclinations.
Along with his book, The SavageNation, and CD, Best of the Savage nation,
Savage is also author of Herbs that heal and seventeen other books. He spent
many years as an ethos-botanist, collecting medical plants thoughout many islands of
the Pacific.

Comments:There are some good aspects with this book however so let me
start there. He is correct about an ememy within an I see that. He does show the
enemy within this country and people that read the book will see that. The lack of
nationalism being one. The points about healthcare are good points. "How can we
afford it ?" "What kind of healthcare can the government give that can be done and
affordable ?" There are sections with this book I don't like. I am not in agreeance
with the book when it comes to it's portrayal on Islam. In the book, he mentiones
that Islam is the reason for terrorism, and that the religion condones terrorism
which I don't agree with. The book goes too much into his past childhood experiences;
where he goes on tangents; he also goes too much into his monologues and speeches,
without too much factoids. There were some facts but not enough to set him apart from
a speaker, or some preacher. Overall, I was disappointed with the book. I was looking
for more facts and didn't get any. I didn't like the past experiences. There was too
much. But the one thing I did like was how he showed the enemy within. I would have
liked to see him talk about the firearms issue and how the enemy within is trying to
disarm americans. That would be a good eye opener.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Violence of Action) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:*** ISBN:0-7434-2276-7 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:back from Self-imposed exile, the Rogue Warrior enters a
while new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from a domestic
terrorist intent on a holy war -- military insiders gone bad -- and they possess
suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is their marked for
anniliation--but the terrorists are going up against the best in the bloody business.
Not only has age weathered the Rogue Warrior into the ultimate fighting machine, he's
also got an entirely new team of heavy hitters--a multinational band of the toughest
operatives available. the battle takes the Rogue Warrior to the extremes of hard-core
action with the survival of this country at stake, and demo Dick has never had a
harder fight ahead of him. Is he up to the challenge, or has the Rogue Warrior
finally met his match ?

Comments:Unfortunately, this is his last book with John Weisman . I hope he makes more
novels, but in retrospect he should use with John Weisman and not try to write them himself. John Weismen must have been the balance for him because this book went way to far in it's grossness and went a bit to far from reality in my opinion. This book he did meat his match. A warrior who was an ultimate lunitic who
had training and a team similar to the Rogue's. The book like all the others was
real good. It did take you to a new level where you got into the details of a out of
control interrorgation, and I'll leave it at that. It turned my stomach, which I
thought was real cool. The book also made mentioning of "what" would have happenned
if Red Cell was still active: would Osama Bin Laudin and Adu Nidal have been
assinated so 911 would have not been allowed to take place ? The book makes you
wonder. This book was different from the others because the Rogue Warrior was
allowed to run things the way he wanted to without the Eamon the Deamon and other
beurocrats in his way. An interesting read though. The one thing though I didn't
like was the dealing with the president Bush. Now I'm not saying this because of my
political like/dislike for George Bush, but in the book through 3/4 of it he makes
Bush look good but turns and makes him look bad at the end. It makes the book lose
continuity. That is my only beef with the novel. Good mentioning of the FBI HRT and
NEST groups and how good they are. Still, A good book to read.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Detachment Bravo) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-00075-6 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The Rogue Warrior is back into another fast-paced,
furious, in your face advanture! This time he's on the hunt for a high-tech army that
smashes the Good Friday Peace accords and killed a half dozen American and british
CEO's. Launched by two self-financed, new generation terrorists, this murderous wing
of the IRA has an even bigger assault planned -- one that promises to stun the world.
now along with a special ops team made up of Brits, Seals, spies, and NSA operatives.
Marcinko is determined to stop them, but there are a few unknowns: they don't know
the target, they don;t know the date, and they don't know where the terror is going
down. Comments:Unfortunately, this I think is the last book with his beloved Seal
squad we all have known, at least for now, meaning Rodent, Butch Wells, and the other
Seal characters. The book was real good. The book did have some fact in true lessons
learned. Things like when doing a hazardous entry; you need to have a team where
everyone knows what everyone is going to do. You can't have a team where people
don't know what the next one is going to do. Just like the failed attempt to rescue
the hostages in Iran. In the book, it showed the results. I did some research in globex
and found out the company does similar things to what they do in the book. I wonder
sometimes. Anyways, this book was real good and I liked the way that Marcinko
dispenced justice in this one. Way cool.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Echo Platoon) Author:Rogue Warrior (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-00074-8 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Dangerous times require dangerous men. And there
a man alive more deadly than the Rogue Warrior. Captian Richard "NMN" Marcinko
must uncover the truth behind recent attrempts to destabilize Azerbaijan, the tiny
former Soviet Republic that holds the key to the oil-rich Capsian Sea. A pipeline to
the west is planned, and both Russia and Iran want control. But there are hidden
players, including billionare Steven Sarkensian; just treachary is afoot to choke off
America's black gold.

Enlisting his elite Seals, Marcinko races to the heart of the Middle East, doing what
he does best -- breaking rules and cracking heads until the only thing left standing
is justice. Comments:This book is very good. It does talk more about why he may do
an op with other countries and tells the reader why the US does joint training with
other developing countries. It does make sense. Yes, we do want to fight terrorism by
training groups in developing countries to do it themselves; but we also do so to see
how we can wage war against them if needed be. Even so, the book was real good and
showed that "the enemy of your enemy sometimes isn't your friend" to know what I'm
talking about you'll have to read the book to understand.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Option Delta) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-00073-X Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The Rogue Warrior is invading Germany with a Blietzkrieg
of bravado. His secret assignment: recover a pair of U.S. ADMs - Atomic Demolition
Mutitions---lost in the Rhine valley. Yet, what begins as a simple SEAL mission
explodes when terrorists visit the cache site. With military tensions igniting all
over the world, America's diplomatic priorities are everywhere but eastern Europe--
and the Rogue Warrior must take matters into his own hands.

But not even Marcinko is aware of the ultranational extremists--led by Lothar Beck, a
billionare defense contractor--is ready to use Germany's stockpiled Cold War nuclear
weapons to carve out Europe's first superpower, a true fourth reich. Fortunately the
Rogue Warrior has some firepower of his own, and the manpower to deliver it with
maximum prejudice and extreme efficiency. He and his elite SEALs will have to wade
through tango cells of skinheads, neo-nazis, Russian mobsters, and middle eastern
terrorists before they get the scent of the real powerbrokers, but once they do, it
time to go hunting -- with no bag limit. Comments:This book brings the real threat of portabe nuclear weapons (SADM)
weapons home to the audience. These weapons are small atomic devices which can be put
into a suitcase and detonated. Very scary stuff when you wonder if terrorists have
these types of demolitions. Marcinko brings his warrior knowledge and skills in
writing to an exciting story and definitely go hunting with no bag limit.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Task Force Blue) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-89672-5 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:When the Rogue Warrior and is elite Seal Team, Task Force
Blue, storm a hijacked 727 in Key West, a hostage is killed -- and Marcinko must
pay. Facing court-marcial and removal from the navy, he's recuited by the Defense
Intelligence Agency to eradicate a secret right-wing terrorist infrastructure.
combating a brutal enemy force, and pursued by the FBI, Marcinko maneuvers through a
politial, military, and bureacratic minefield, adhering to the ultimate Commandment
of Specwar -- there are no rules -- win at all costs !! Comments:
The thing I learned in this book is about servalence techniques. Using multiple cars
to follow a person. From what he said it isn't what you see on TV as to how to
follow someone. Too bad someone got japped in this one see ya in heaven cherry
enders but I liked the revenge method done on the billionare asshole. Very funny and
very sadistic. Got three more books to go. Of course very good book. They make
mention of the insecurity within the US computer databases. Wonder if terrorists
know what marcinko knows. Anyways a very good book.

Title:The Art of War Author: Sun Tzu translated by Thomas Cleary Rating:***** ISBN:0-87773-537-9 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Thomas Cleary's translation of Sun Tzu's 2000-year old
The Art of War makes immediately relevant one of the greatest chinese classical
texts. There's not a dated maxim or vague prescription in it. 'To win without
fighting is best,' Sun Tzu said. For him war was coeval with life. Absorb this book,
and you can throw out all of those contmporary books about management leadership. Comments:Great book to read. When I lead a group of people one day. I will
make sure they read this book. Like A Warrior Blends With Life book, they look at
life like war. 'Life is war', that is the philoshphy. The book goes into detail
about the use of force and how it is used to win battles. A very good book indeed. I
will have to read it again to get a better understanding of it. To understand your
enemy is a valuabe trait. To expose and use his strengths and weaknesses against
him/her is vary valuable indeed.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Green Team) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-79959-2 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book: In Portmouth, England, an aircraft carrier has been
sabatoged, killing the American Chief of Naval Operations, one of the few friends
the Rogue Warrior had left in the Navy. Marcinko discovers a holy war brewing--a
violent religous movement, encircling the globe and zeroing in on the West. defeating
that menace will be the supreme test of marcinko's GREEN TEAM, a top secret unit
operating outside the U.S. military chain of command. But in Washington, the political
wolves select Dick Marcinko as their sacrificial lamb. For the Rogue Warrior it's time
to declare a holy war of it's own. The enemy may have the ultimate weapon, but GREEN
TEAM has Marcinko's Tenth Comandment of SpecWar: "There are no rules--Thou Shalt Win
At All Costs" !

Rating:***** Comments: This book shows the possibility of a transnational terrorist
unit all over the world and how it will focus in on the West. It is almost scary how
this type of faction can possibility exist. I can also see how it can. It is scary
how, when you read this book, real it is to now everyday stuff going on in the
world. Well, as they say: Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.

The thing which I find in Marcinko's books is that he is writing ficional things
which are so real in daily life right now. He shows the possibilities of things that
can happen.

Title: Digital Signal Processing applications with Motorola's DSP56002 Processor Author: Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Ph.D Rating:***** ISBN: 0-13-569476-0 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Comments: A very good book for understanding the practical applications
of DSP. This book should be used in conjunction with the Motorola DSP56002 EVM board
for maximum learning. This book covers subjects such as FIR, IIR, Adaptive Filters,
and FFT's. The code also shows interfacing of the DSP56002 to hardware periferals
such as Analog to Digital/Digital to Analog Codecs, EEPROMS, and SRAMS.

Title: Digital Signal Processing A Practical Approach Author: Emmanuel C. Ifeachor Rating:***** ISBN: 0-201-54413 X Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Comments: Excellent for those interested in DSP. It covers the complex
subject of DSP with practical examples, and ties in the theory for better
understanding. This book also gives C code for practical applications of DSP
algorithms. This book I used personally to lean DSP.

Title: Embedded Systems Building Blocks (A MUST GET !!!!!!!!) Author: Jean J. Labrosse Rating:***** ISBN: 0-13-359779-2 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Comments: One of the best books for learning Embedded Software
Engineering. This book I highly recommend. This book will make the difference between
getting a job as a software engineer or being passed over. This book uses the intel
8086 processor to explain embedded system concepts. It also goes over subjects such
as embedded operating system, implementing LCD, keypads, LEDs, and UARTS into your
microprocessor. The section on embedded operating systems is excellent and this book
provodes c code for direct implementation. The operating system isn't in the code but
can be downloaded off the net. You have to find it first; but here's a hint: goto the
embedded systame website. Unfortunately, the book is out of print so you will have to
browse around different stores to find it. if you have problems finding it.
email me and let me know. Enough requests will prompt me to call the
author myself !!

Title: The 68000 Microprocessor hardware and software principles and applications (Third Edition) Author: James L. Antonakos Rating:**** ISBN: 0-02-303617-6 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Comments: There are many 680000 based books out there; but I will say
this book is the best I have seen when it comes to explaining the 68000
and its peripherals. This book looks at the 68000 from a software and
hardware standpoint and gives many programming examples to help the
reader understand coding and hardware development. I would highly
recommend reading this book from back to front. Currently, this is the
recommended bok for Howard University's Introduction to microprocessor
class. For those taking the class I recommend to continue reading this
book and make sure you read it from back to front. This book I feel is
essential for being a software engineer.

Title:Rogue Warrior (The Real Team) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-02465-5 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:" Festures forst-person accounts of adventures on special-
forces teams by the individual Marcinko used as models in his earlier Rogue Warrior
action thrillers. Each describes special missions, mostly behind the lines, on
assignment ranging from the Phillipines to Desert Storm."
By land, sea, and air --SEAL teams attack the enemy from any direction, at any time.
Here, the real-life models for such classic Marcinko characters as nasty Nick
Grundle, Stevie Wonder, Indian Jew, "Doc Tremblay, and the golddust twins revealwho
grew how they literally came up shooting--as newbies morphing into seasoned
veterans, as loyal US serviceman turned into Rogue Warriorsup , and as valorous men
whose only rule was that the warrior does not give up. Ever.
jumps, these stories about real men and real missions, and about the seal mentality
of teamwork, training, loyalty, and the never say die aggression. For it is the
spirit of the REAL TEAM that shaped these extraordinary individuals and positioned
them for success--on every battlefield and in evry endeavor they would face in life. Comments:This book shows the essences of the teams and the individuals
involved. I like how they show that they are people like you and me who may be late
bloomers but found their purpose in the teams. The one thing I found which they all
liked was the comraderae among the people that "teams" feeling. Alot of them didn't
know about Seals or UDT but found their calling. It was a good feeling book to know
the mentality of the people who made up Seal Team 6.

Title:The Art of Sensual Loving Author:Dr. Andrew Stranway Rating:***** ISBN:0-7867-0740-2 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:In the art of Sensual Loving, Dr. Stanway shows how a
return to the simple pleasures of courtship, and romance, flirtation, and seduction,
can greatly enhance a loving, sexual relationship. Comments: A very good book dealing with more than just sexual techniques.
It goes more into the loving relationships and communication which involves true
making love. It's definitely a good book to have. Definitely good for those who are
going to have a baby because it gives good positions where you all can have sex. In
general, it is a good book for those interested in making love and the tangalizing
parts of sex such as creating the scene, and the other things which making love is
all about.

Title:Rogue Warrior (Seal Force Alpha) Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-00072-1 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The Rogue Warrior's taking a flying leap--a high altitude
jump over the South China Sea. his mission; scuttle a Chinese frieghter's cargo of
nuclear hardware and it's crack crew of naval comandos. It's a leave-no-tracks, take-
no-prisoners operation--in short, business as usual. but on board, Marcinko makes a
chilling discovery; a cache of state of the art command and control equipment, all
made from the USA--and primed for America's destruction!
Marcinko takes his findings back to Washington, where he runs into a wall of
doublespeak and double deals. but not everyone wants to see America go down the
drain. General Tom Crocker, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, unleashes the
SEALs of war--marcinko and a Pentagon-based unit, SEAL Force Alpha--to neutralize a
global maze of political deceit that begins all too close to home.
The Chinese sense victory. They have a mole in the White House, and five thousand
years of military strategy on their side. But neither the traitor nor all the wisdom
of Sun Tzu are prepared for the Rogue Warrior's Tenth Commandment of Specwar: "There
Are No Rules--Thou Shalt Win At All Costs." Comments: What can I say about my scumbag friend. He definitely gives a
good indication about those people in this country who do the dirty work as spy's and
operators. he definitely gives a good account about other oversea operators such as
the naval commandos the chinese have. They have em we have em but our boys and far
better equipped and ready. The book was really good. I always liked how he manages to
explain fighting hand to hand fighting. He gives good explaination into the art form.
He explains something which I learned along time ago which was. "Take a person to the
groud and all that karate shit is worthless". I learned that in my books on Ninjutsu.
which I have applied in my fighting style. He explains to people that there are no
rules to fighting; which is the way I fight; kick him in the balls; rake out his
eyes. That's the way it's done and I like the fact Marcinko explains this factoid.
Remember: "Thou shall win at all costs." Marcinko style.

Title:A Warrior Blends With Life (A Modern Tao) Author:Michael LaTorra Rating:***** ISBN:1-55643-160-0 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Lao Tzu, an older contemporary of confucious, was keeper
of the imperial archives at Loyang in the province of Hunan during the sixth century
B.C. All his life he taught that the eternal nature of the Tao could be written down.
But according to ancient legend, as he was riding off to disappear forever in the
desert, despairing of the ways of men, a guard posted at the Great Wall persuaded
lao Tzu to write down his teachings of prosperity. The result was a book of eighty-
one sayings called , or The Clasic of the Way, and its
. considered to contain the essense of Taoism, for 2500 years this book
has been a major influence on chinese thought, shifting it from a preocupation with
confucian rules of day to day conduct to concern with a more spiritual level of being.

In A warrior blends with life, Michael Latorra brings together his training in
internal martial arts and his understanding of the new physics to provide a reading
of the Tao Te Ching that grapples with the vicissitudes of contemporary
culture and the ever-shifting nature of reality. Comments: The book definitely has many aspects of warriordom, with the
saying which I understand most "Life is War". The book is very good, but must be read
slowly taking in all the sayings and understanding them to get the full effect of them.

Title:Rogue Warrior Author:Richard Marcinko (AKA Scumbag) Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-79593-7 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:A brilliant virtuoso of violence, Richard Marcinko rose
through Navy ranks to create and command one of this country's most elite and
classified counterterrorist units, SEAL TEAM SIX. Now this thirty-year veteran
recounts the secret missions and special warfare madness of his worldwide military
career -- and the riveting truth about the top secret Navy SEALS.

Marcinko was almost inhumanly tough, and proved it on hair-raising missions across
Vietnam and a war-torn world: blowing up supply junks, charging through minefields,
jumping at 19,000 feet with a chute that wouldn't open, fighting hand-to-hand in a
hellhole jungle. for the Pentagon, he organized the Navy's first counterrorist
unit: the legendary SEAL TEAM SIX, which went on classified mission from Central
America to the Middle East, the North Sea, Africa and beyond.
Then Marcinko was tapped to create RED CELL, a dirty-dozen team of the military's
most accomplished and decorated counterterrorists. Their unbelievable job was to test
the defenses of the Navy's most secure facilities and installations.
The result was predicable: all hell broke loose.
Here is the hero who saw beyond the blood to ultimate justice-- and the decorated
warrior who became such a maverick that the Navy Brass wanted his head on a pole, and
for a time. they got it. Comments:The Sharkman, is "DA MAN". I loved the book !! I am glad I read
the one that started it all. The book goes deep into the counterterrorist community
and into the Marcinko mindset. Very good accuracy in terms of the current events
which took place at the time, such as the serious goatfuck of th Egyptian commandos
who killed 57 hostages while trying to subdue terrorists in Egypt. I know because I
do my own research on CT/HRU operations. I can truly relate and understand the levels
of "assholia" at the Pentagon because of my brief experiences there and the poeple I
had to deal with. I can relate very much to the long halls of the
Pentagon because I have gone through those halls myself. I liked the mindset of his
accounts in vietnam. His instincts were true. There were alot of lessons which could
be applied to daily life. I definitely agree with the imporatnce and concept of "unit
integrity". For me I try to formulate my teams accordingly whether they be on the
football field or within our software engineering team.
The book teaches alot and is a five star recommendation for all people interested in
CT/HRU operations. I LOVED THE BOOK !!

Title:Business is Combat (A fighter pilot's guide to winning in modern business warfare) Author:James D. Murphy Rating:**** ISBN:0-06-039325-4 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:This book describes the tools and methods used in fighter
combat which can be applied to business practices to succeed in corporate America and
in life. Comments: At first I was getting bored with the book but the later chapters
got very interesting. I do have to say though that the whole book was good. I did
learn alot of information about the practices of F15 pilots and their related lessons
which could bee applied to business. I especially liked the chapters dealing
with "mission execution" and also the concepts of "task saturation". I would also
call Task saturation as burnout; and that is something we all have experienced some
time in our lives. Overall, I really liked the book.

Title: Rogue Warrior RED CELL Author: Richard Marcinko and John Weisman Rating:***** ISBN: 0-671-79957-6 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book: marcinko, now a freelance security expert, makes a
shocking discovery: smugglers are transferring nuclear materials to North Korea
through Japan-with backing from traitorous americans. Recalled involuntarily to
command RED CELL and stop the operation, the rogue warrior, with his loyal SEALS,
will do anything to crush those who would betray america for a price.
Based on current SEAL tactics, ROGUE WARRIOR: RED CELL is an electryfying, sure fire
hit. Comments: The best book of them all !!! Like all of Marcinko's books it is
definitely gritty and dirty. Here you get a chance
to learn some things about training and unit integrity. Of course, very funny and
intreging. I especially liked how he trained the "dweebs" and his decision to "blow
up the freighter and send the kimchi nuclear weapon's program to fubar". I felt the
part where Pinky Prescott III had "set things up" using the Rogue Warrior was a
bit far fetched. No-one is that smart. Even if he knew how Dickie operated, I don't
think he can predict Marcinko's move down to that level of resolution. I did learn
alot from the book; especially about how sucky airport security is.
The book is really good and is a great read.

Title:Rogue Warrior Destination Gold Author:Richard Marcinko Rating:***** ISBN:0-671-89674-1 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The Rogue Warrior has come to Moscow to investigate the
assination of Paul Mahon, U.S. defense attache' in Russia. Marcinko knows who killed
him-- Andre Yudin, a godfather in the Russian Mafia--and he wants to know why.
instead, he finds a cabal of corrupt, mob-linked Russian politicians. The revalation
gets him yanked back to Washington, where orders come down to disband his elite
team of SEALS.

But even as the Pentagon's chain of Command becomes a noose around his neck, Marcinko
begins to cut and slash his wayto the truth behind Mahon's death. More about survival
than revenge, his mission soon leads him to a black-market network peddling terrorism
in Paris, sinister trading in the Middle East, and a devil of a deal that puts
American's safety up for sale.... Comments:Very good book. My first read of the rogue warrior and I loved
it !! you learn alot about covert operations, countersurvalence techniques; and why
Oliver North got caught. Marcinko makes the book very funny.
I laughed all the way through this book; and enjoyed the intregue, suspense,
and "blood and guts".

Title:Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior Author:Richard Marcinko Rating:**** ISBN:0-671-54514-0 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Using his own war stories, plus case studies of Fortune
500 companies and smaller businesses, Marcinko now califiies the simple--but profound-
-leadership principles that have made him an extraordinary success, both in
and out of the military.

Comments:Definitely a fun read. You learn alot of principles to success in
an aggeessive Marcinko-style fashion.

Title:The Secret of Inner Strength my story Author:Chuck Norris with Joe Hyams Rating:***** ISBN:0-316-61191-3 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:This book chronicles the life of Chuck Norris from his
early days as a child through his years in Martial Art tournaments, to his years
making movies. Through the book, it shows us lessons he learned in life and the
secret of inner strength. Comments:Very interesting book to know about his life. I found the lessons
which he teaches in each chapter to be very applicable to daily life.

Title:Predator Author:Paul Monette Rating:**** ISBN:0-515-09002-6 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Seven men. War was their profession, death an occupational
hazard. But this time, they weren't fighting a war. They were fighting something far
more deadly... One by one, it stalked them. And one by one, they died, each death
more horrrifying than the last. Only one man is left. major Alan Sheafer. Now, in the
heart of the jungle, he must face the most terrifying creature ever to land on earth.
One on one... Comments:This book is basd off the screenplay by James E. Thomas & John C.
Thomas. Basically based off the movie. I found it very good. If you saw the movie,
you saw that it gave you more details into the thoughts of John Shaefer and the
predator. Very good book.

Title:36 Hours Author:Carl K. Hittleman Rating:***** ISBN: Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:An American operative wakes to find that he was in a coma
and WWII is over. He is at a German Hospital, which is filled with American staff. As
he tries to adjust to his surroundings he finds out that in fact that he is a
captured agent in a German prison camp made to look like a hospital. But by
the time he finds this out, he unknowingly gave the Germans the date of D-Day, the
most well kept secret of the war. Now he has 36 hours to kill the operative who
knows; rescue the beautiful woman who is imprisoned with him and escape
before he is killed. If he fails, thousands of American and British soldiers will die
on the sands of Normandy.

Comments:Very good book. Alot of suspense. You learn alot about
interrogation processes, and the tactics about the Germans. Very good book. this book
is based off the screenplay by George Seaton. Also based off the movie, 36 hours.

Title:The Song of Solomon Author:Toni Morrison Rating:*** ISBN: Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:A dramatic story of black love in America Comments:This book was very confusing. It jumped around and I never really
was able to get into a proper flow for this book. This book, from what I hear, is
recommended for English majors in college who have a literary background. Not for
daredevils, and shoot and looters like me. I'll have to read this again.

Title:The Autobiography of Malcolm X Author:Malcolm X & Alex Haley Rating:***** ISBN:0-345-35068-5 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:The life of Malcolm X as told by Alex Haley as he
interviewed the man before his untimely death. It chronicles his life from a child
though his years as "Red"; jail; his years in the Nation of Islam and his search for
meaning and truth with his trip to Mecca. Comments:Very interesting reading. Many accounts in his life can be seen in
today's society. I am originally from massachusetts, and even to this day, I see many
paralells to the things he saw back then such as black people who act more than what
they are. Janitors who called themselves "sanitation engineers".
A very good read. A real eye opener.

Title:Friends, Lovers, and Soulmates Author:Derek S. Hopson & Darlene Hopson Rating:** ISBN:0-671-76837-9 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:A book showing what soulmate relationships are about; and
discussing solutions to problems which occur in black love relationships. Comments:This book is good. It does show many aspects of black love,
problems and solutions. At times,the book gives too many racism-based excuses as to
why black couples have their problems; and at times the reasonings
are a bit "mechanical". but overall, the book is a very enlightening book and
recommended for couples.

Title:Men Cry in the Dark Author:Michael Baisden Rating:***** ISBN:0-9643675-1-3 Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:An entertaining novel about Black love viewing through the
eyes of four successful black men.Their problems, issues, and love finds and looses. Comments:Very good read !! As a black man, I find this novel very
interesting and relatable. A definite choice for the brothers. I also recommend this
book for the sisters so they may understand how men operate and that we aren't all
dogs and have just as many feelings and desires for monogomous relationships as they
do. I have had a chance to meet Michael Baisden and very character is within his

Title:Maintenance Man Author:Michael Baisden Rating:**** ISBN:0-9643675-3-X Barnes and Noble Review Link: Click Here Synopsis of Book:Another book by Michael Baisden chronicling three black
men and one black woman. Malcolm Tremell, a professional escort man is sick of the
life, and wants change, but can he break the cycles which have already killed his
father? Simon, Malcolm's best friend is a successful nightclub owner in Atlanta who
has sacrificed success for time with his fiancee, who is
starting to look for maintenance of her own. Theodore, A.K.A Teddy Bear is a hardcore
player who has not problem playing with women's emotions andminds to get what he
wants. Ariel is the manager of Simon's nightclub. A successful, but lonely,
buissnesswoman who agrees to call in on a local radio station's hook-up line. What
follows next is a series of nightmares. Comments:Very good book. Not as relatable as Men Cry in the Dark, but a
very entralling book to read. You do get a look into the psyche of the "independant
woman". The type who are the "I am woman hear me roar" attitude. You also get into
the mind of the hardcore player and see at what level they are willing to go to get
what they want. The book gives me the impression the author though is fluffing up hs
ego in this one. That is why it doesn't get the last star. I liked the situations of
each character and how they got out of them or what happenned to them.