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Thursday, 1 July 2010
Mission: Operation Red Pill

NOTE: THIS MISSION IS A PLATOON LEVEL MISSION detailing 2nd platoon B company, 1st Battalion, 3rd IBCT. The receive the mission is from the Battalion and Company level so you know your adjacent platoons. In this mission the Battalion is in charge of a Province TENINO and Bravo company (Your Company) in in charge of the lower half. Each section is a district and your FOB (forward operating base) is called Cozy Valley at grid 10TEG15518815.










((I put a small warning order here so I can get it to the troops ASAP. It gives them more time to prepare. I do two warning orders, one more formal, but this way they know ASAP and I can keep on planning))



                                     Warning ORDER 0004

References: Ranger Handbook SH21-67, FM 3-21.8, FM 3-21.10

Time Zone: EST

Task Organization: 3IBCT, 1st Battalion, Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon

 COA Development

COA Analysis

COA Comparison

COA Selection




                            OPERATIONS ORDER 0004



Manual References

Time Zone: EST

Task Organization:



  • Observations and fields of fire: There are one hill south of the village and a ridge north of it.
  • Avenues of Approach: There are three roads into the village, north, south and east. There is a road going west but it's a trail that is a dead end.
  • Key Terrain: The way in will be the roads which will be secured.
  • Obstacles: There is a small stream just south of the city that the soldiers coming from the south end will have to cross.
  • Cover and Concealment: The area is very dense with woods outside the road.


    • Enemy Forces:
      • composition:

        • The village has about 300 villagers.
        • The last known village elder's name was Al Mohammed Massod no known picture of him is on file
      • disposition: The disposition is somewhat hostile to the government due to their protests due to lack of resources last year due to flood relief.
      • strength: Most villagers do carry a home weapon for self-defense but the area has had higher reports of heavier weapons RPG, RPK's
      • recent activities:
        • 01AUG2010 The Bucoda police chief says the area has seen increased presence of "new figures" in the area with rumors of Al-Qaeda infusion of money and equipment into that area.  
        • 20AUG2010 - A checkpoint at location 10TEG16508260 was attacked by three unknown assailants the police at the checkpoint drove off the attackers 
        • 06SEP2010 - Several weapons caches was found 7 miles southeast of the Village of TONO at grid location 10TEG17528202. The cache has suicide vests, explosives and weapons.
      • capabilities: The area is made of farmers and unemployed people. They have a better understanding of the terrain.
      • enemy COA:
        • If the village chooses to protest violently we will have to bring in more support from the neighboring police stations most likely Bocoda and our reserve force.
        • If the village chooses to protest non-violently we will proceed as planned.
        • If the village is cooperative, we will proceed as planned.
        • The HVT may have his own security force which we may have to neutralize
        • The HVT may take a hostages. At that time we will proceed like a regular police action. We will allow the local police to take the lead with US forces as advisers.
    • Friendly Forces:
      • Higher mission 2 levels up: 1st Battalion 3rd IBCT will conduct Full Spectrum counterinsurgency operations from 07OCT2010 - 07OCT2011, in the province of Tenino, to assist and educate the local police and army in the area and disrupt insurgent activities done by the Al-Qaeda organization.
      • Higher commander's mission 1 level up: Bravo Company 1st Battalion, 3rd IBCT will conduct a cordoned and search for Al-Qaeda mid level lieutenant Assad Hussein Al Rhustad, NLT1700 16OCT2010, in the village of Tono at grid location 10TEG13458010, to disrupt Al-Qaeda's leadership and recruiting activities in and province of Tenino. 
      • Higher Commander's Intent 2 levels up:
        • task:
          • Arrest Assad Hussein Al Rhustad and his security staff.
          • Confiscate IED, bomb making material, or other contraband in the village.
        • purpose:
          • Disrupt Al-Qaeda's leadership and recruiting activities.
          • Deny insurgents bomb making material to keep the roads and civilians safe. 
      • Locations of units in all phases:
        • PHASE1:
          • 1st Platoon:
            • SP: FOB Cozy Vally
            • RP: Skookumchuck Police Station
          • 2nd Platoon: FOB Cozy Vally
          • HN Police: Skookumchuck Police Station
        • PHASE2:
          • 1st Platoon:
            • SP: Cozy Valey
            • RP: Bocuda Police Station 10TEG10508295
          • 2nd Platoon:
            • SP: Skookumchuck Police Station
            • RP: TONO
          • HN Police: 
            • SP Skookumchuck Grane
            • RP: TONO
        • PHASE3:
          • 1st Platoon: Bocuda Police Station 10TEG10508295
          • 2nd Platoon: TONO
          • HN Police: TONO
        • PHASE4:
          • 1st Platoon:
            • SP: Bocuda Police Station 10TEG10508295
            • RP: Cozy Valley
          • 2nd Platoon:
            • SP: TONO
            • RP: Cozy Valley
          • HN Police:
            • SP: TONO
            • RP: Skookumchuck Police Station
      •  Attachments/Detachments:
        • One platoon of host nation police will provide security for the inner cordon and another platoon will conduct the actual search of the village.
        • At First Platoons location is an EOD disposal unit that will be on call with 1st platoon. If explosives are found can be called in to assist the commander on the ground.  
    • 2nd platoon B company, 1st Battalion, 3rd IBCT will conduct a cordoned and search for Al-Qaeda mid level lieutenant Assad Husseign Al Rhustad NLT1700 14OCT2010, in the village of Tono at grid location 10TEG13458010, to disrupt Al-Qaeda's leadership and recruiting activities. 
    • 2nd platoon will meet with the local police Chief at Skookumchuck Grane NLT 1300 12OCT2010 grid location: 10TEG14338305 to coordinate the cordoned and search efforts for the village of Tono.
    • PHASE1:
      • Concept of Operation:
        • The first phase consists of the convoy to Skookumchuck grange and meeting with the local police chief. Once we get to the police station, we will setup security and meet with the police chief. During that time we will work on an established plan of action for our cordon operation. We will inspect the police at the station and work on rehearsals for the operation.
        • Maneuver: SOP
        • Fires: SOP
        • Casualty Evacuation: If Casevac is needed in this phase it will be done via Humvee either back to FOB Cozy Valley or at Skookumchuck grange commander on ground will determine which one.
      • Task to Maneuver Units:
        • The convoy will be with 8 vehicles with the first two 100 meters out from the main convoy and the last two vehicles will be 100 meters from the main convoy. No vehicles will be allowed inside of our convoy during this phase of the operation. Soldiers will use (ROE) Rules of engagement during this time.
        • The order of march is 1st squad, HHC, 2nd Squad, 4th Squad, 3rd Squad.
      • Tasks to Combat Support Units: NONE
    • PHASE2:
      • Concept of Operation:
        • The second phase consists of the convoy to Skookumchuck grange to TONO and setting up outer and inner cordons outside the village. The setting up or cordons will be done with the out being set first and once set the inner cordon will be set.
        • The outer cordone will be done by American forces and the inner ones will be done by local police.
        • Maneuver: HHC and 4th squad along with coalition local police force will come from the south of the objective and setup at east of the objective. The local police will setup north and south of the setup point as the inner cordon and 3rd squad will be stationed south of the setup as the southern outer cordon.
        • Fires: If a Support by fires is needed during this section of the operation it will be towards the west of our setup point at EG13667940 to minimize friendly fire incidents.
        • Casualty Evacuation:
      • Task to Maneuver Units:
        • The outer cordon will consist of two trucks each with an interpreter. Once set, no cars will be let in or out. Any cars leaving between the outer cordon setup and inner cordon setup will be searched and allowed to leave. Each squad will establish when they are in place. Once the inner cordon is set no cars will be allowed to leave or come in.
        • 1st squad: Will setup at location EG131809, southeast of a fork in the road at EG12908115.
        • 2nd squad: will setup at location EG13358090 north of a fork in the road which is at EG13358105
        • 3rd squad: will setup at location EG13757925 north of a fork in the road which is at EG13987870 near a mine. 
        • 4th and HHC squads: will setup at location EG13667940 north of a fork in the road which is at an intersection with a trail. They will also be accompanied by a platoon of local police and a squad that will complete the southern half of the inner cordon.
      • Tasks to Combat Support Units: The inner cordon will be set by local police. Each local police cordon will be two trucks or one squad. Each squad will call their commander and the Platoon Leader will relay that information back to the platoon as to which one was set. 
    • PHASE3:
      • Concept of Operation:
        • The third phase consists of the actual search of the village. The local police will do most of the searching. 
        • Maneuver:
        • Fires:
        • Casualty Evacuation: at 4th Squads vehicle.
      • Task to Maneuver Units:
        • 4th squad: 4th squad with the platoon sergeant will setup a support by fire position, EPW and casevac position with assistance from the local police, in case the villagers become hostile, establish wounded or need to exfil. quickly
        • The Platoon leader will be with the commander on the ground with a small security force with him and an interpreter.
      • Tasks to Combat Support Units: NONE
    • PHASE4:
      • Concept of Operation:
        • The third phase consists of the ex-filtration from the village back to base. 
        • Maneuver: SOP
        • Fires: SOP
        • Casualty Evacuation: Casevacs during ex-filtration will be at Bucoda and also at Cozy Valley.
      • Task to Maneuver Units:
        • Ex-filtration route will be meeting up with 2nd squad then going west to meet up with 1st squad going west to Bucoda police station and then going to FOB Cozy Valley.
      • Tasks to Combat Support Units: NONE
    • Coordinating Instructions:
      • 13OCT2010
        • 1500 - 1700 Mission Brief
      • 14OCT2010
        • 0830 - 1030 - SP convoy to Skookumchuck Grane.
        • 1030 - 1130 - Setup security
        • 1130 - 1200 - Meet with Local police chief.
        • 1200 - 1300 - Lunch
        • 1300 - 1900 - Plan operation
        • 1900 - 2000 - Dinner
        • 2000 - 2200 - setup for evening
        • 2200 - 0500 - sleep, security rotations.
      • 15OCT2010
        • 0500 - 0600 - Wake up Personal Hygiene
        • 0600 - 0700 - Breakfast
        • 0700 - 1200 - Plan operation, inspect police.
        • 1200 - 1300 - Lunch
        • 1300 - 1800 - Plan operation, inspect police.
        • 1800 - 1900 - Dinner
        • 1900 - 2200 - mission prep
        • 2200 - 0000 - sleep night security
      • 16OCT2010
        • 0000 - 0300 - sleep; night security
        • 0300 - 0400 - wake up hygiene
        • 0400 - 0500 - travel to tono
        • 0500 - 1700 - conduct cordoned search.
        • 1700 - 1900 - RTB Cozy Valley
    • Special Equipment
      • For humvees concertina wire will be needed to setup stop points on the outer cordon.
    • Maintenance and Service
      • Supply
        • class I - rations plan: Each Squad Leader will ensure that each soldier has the required number of rations for the mission, which means three meals per day time the number of days for the mission.
        • class III - petroleum plan: Each vehicle will bring two drums of fuel attached to their vehicle based upon SOP.
        • class V - ammunition plan: Soldiers will bring their combat load for the mission. 50 calibers, 240's and 249's will have SOP vehicle loads in vehicle. 
        • class VII - major end items
        • class VIII - medical: All soldiers will carry a medical kit and perform buddy aid if needed. the medic will be with Platoon sergeant and provide assistance if needed at CCP.
        • class IX - repair parts: SOP for repair parts. If additional parts are needed that are essential we will call the FOB or 1st Platoon for assistance.
        • Distribution Methods: SOP
      • Transportation
        • Travel to Skookumchuck Grane police station will be set on map. The order of march will be 1st squad, HHC, 2nd squad, 4th squad, 3rd squad
        • Infiltration will happen in stages with the setting up of the outer cordon with American forces and local police as the inner cordon. One each section is setup the searching platoon along with the US team commander and a contingent of US forces will start the search inside the village.
        • Ex-filtration will happen with 3rd squad meeting with PL an 4th squad and traveling to 2nd squads location and meeting with 1st squad. The order of march is the same as before and will be marked on map as to way back to base.
      • Services (laundry and showers): N/A
      • Maintenance (weapons and equipment)
        • Medical Evacuation (CCP) - CCP for Coalition forces will be one for the vehicles for squad 4. The vehicle where the Platoon sergeant is located.
        • Personal Support (EPW) - EPW will be taken by local police with the exception of Assad Hussein Al Rhustad who we will take back to FOB Cozy Valley for additional questioning.
    • Command
      • Location of higher commander and CP: Commander on ground during search will be Second Platoon Leader. 
      • location of key personnel and CP during each phase of operation: During each phase the platoon leaders will be the commanders of their platoons and in charge at their respective locations.   
      • Succession of command:
        • PL, PSG, 4SL, 1SL, 2SL, 3SL 
        • Command  Radio identification and location
          • PL       - Warrior6 -EG13667940
          • PSG     - Warrior7 -EG13667940
          • 4SL     - Warrior4 -EG13667940
          • 1SL     - Warrior1 -EG131809
          • 2SL     - Warrior2 -EG13358090
          • 3SL     - Warrior3 -EG13358090
      • Adjustments to patrol SOP: N/A
    • Signal
      • SOI (Signal operating instructions) index in effect:
        • 1st Platoon freq: Sincgars: 35000
        • 2st Platoon freq: Sincgars: 35200
        • FOB Frequency: Sincgars: 35400
        • Bn. Frequency: Sincgars: 35600
        • Bn. Medevac Frequency: Sincgars: 65000  
      • Methods of communication: Radio, BFT, Iridium 
      • Pyrotechnics and signals: N/A
      • Code words: N/A
      • Challenge and password: N/A
      • Running Password: N/A
      • Recognition signals
        • day - (near/far): Radio, visual signals
        • night - (near/far): Infrared Chem light
    • Special Instructions to RTO: None
    • Actions after Issue of Opord
      • Issue Annex: N/A
      • Time Hack: 13OCT2010 1500 Mission Brief





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