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Friday, 5 March 2010
Operations Order 0002 Eagle Eye

Operation Eagle Eye OPORDER

Operations Order 0002 Eagle Eye

References:  SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook, FM-7-8,

Situation: Afghani Farmers have reported that a Haqqani terrorist network's weapons cache and possible bomb making facility are located in a remote region 5 kilometers north west of the village Al-Dusti-Shodam. Insurgents have also been reported to be moving supplies in and out of that remote area to and from Al-Dusti-Shodam.

    a) enemy: The Haqqani Network 

   b) friendly: Of the 33rd Brigade, 178 Infantry Battalian, Delta Company 3rd and 4th platoon will support 1st platoon from left of the our position as reserve support; and 2nd platoon will support 1st platoon from the right of the weapons cache. Foxtrox Fire support company is supporting the Battalian is on call at firebase Yankee-Sun. 

Mission: 1st Platoon, Delta company, 178th infantry, will conduct reconnaissance  of the suspected weapons cache, reporting what they see, and patrol NE toward the resupply point. The platoon will setup a patrol base near the resupply point under cover and concealment and will be resupplied by chopper and any collected prisoners and casualties will be flown back to the FOB. Once the resupply chopper has resupplied the platoon and flown off any casulties and prisoners, the platoon will patrol from the resupply point back to the FOB. The location of the FOB is at location, 16T DM 03256 54855. The location of the weapons cache is at location, 16T DM 02331 56393. The resupply point is at location, 16T DM 03952 57184. All grid coordinates are USNG grid designations. This mission will start NLT 1000 CST on Saturday May 19th 2007.



   a) concept of operation: We will move out as a platoon in echelon formation NW until we are close enough to view the cache point without enemy detection. At that point they will establish an ORP; and first and second squad will infiltrate south of the cache point and gather information through reconnaissances. Third and forth squads will infiltrate north of the cache point and recon the target and will infiltrate the area around the cache point. Once the platoon leader is feels all PIR information is collected, the platoon will reform and leave from the ORP and continue toward the resupply point patrolling the North Eastern section of the cache point until they reach the resupply point. Once at the resupply point . The platoon will setup a patrol base, and the RTO will call for resupply. Once reupply has happened the platoon will patrol from resupply point toward the forward operating base FOB.

URL Maps:

*NOTE: maps (5315992, and 5315992 are used to estabish a USNG grid coordinate, while maps 5334119  is used to determine azimuth and topological terrain association.  Maps  5204652 - 3 are used for more detailed terrain association at target and 5204654 is an aerial model of map 5334119.

       1) maneuver: 

              a) Phase I:

We will leave SP NLT 1000 hrs, movement will be in travelling echelon platoon formation. All danger areas (Roads, Open Areas) will be handled via platoon SOP (standard operating procedures). Upon reaching target area, still within cover and concealment, platoon will establish an ORP, where rucksacks and non-essential gear for reconnaissance will be placed.

              b) Phase II:

First and Second Squad will area recon the southern section of the target and it's western (rear) area. Third and Fourth Squads will recon the eastern (front) and Northern section of the target. Each squad will cover the other for security toward the target, and stay concealed and not attract enemy attention. Once the platoon leader feels that enough info has been compiled, the platoon will reform at the ORP, and start out toward resupply point.

              c) Phase III:

The traveling method for patrol will be traveling overwatch and the platoon will patrol from target to resupply point. When platoon reaches resupply point. Platoon leader will designate location of Patrol base. The patrol base will be in a tactical postion within viewing distance of the resupply area. Once patrol base is set up, the RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) will call in supply chopper. Platoon will stay in covered and concealed positions until chopper arrives. Once supply chopper has supplied patrol and left, platoon can eat meal but will be done tactically.

              d) Phase IV:

The patrol will leave resupply point and head patrol back to forward operating base. The traveling method will still be traveling from resupply point to FOB.

       2) fires:

Foxtrot Fire Support Co. is stationed at firebase Yankee Sun. As of current, 178th infantry ballalian has priority when it comes to fire support. 

    b) Task to maneuver units:

Note: Upon squad separation, the PSG will command first and second squads and PL will command third and fourth squads.  

        1) First Squad:

1st Squad is the lead squad. Upon platoon separation to target, they will be covered by second squad, and vice versa. 

        2) Second Squad:

2nd Squad upon element separation will support 1st squad.

        3) Third Squad:

3rd squad is lead squad for second element and supports 4th squad. 

        4) Fourth Squad:

4th squad will support 3rd squad upon element separation. 

    c) Coordinating Instructions:

        1) Time Schedule: 

              Saturday May 19th 2007      

             0730 Platoon formation at FOB SP.

             0800 Squad leaders inspections (below items are stressed for inspection)

                      1) Water must have two cans or a full Camopack.

                      2) Identification

                      3) Motorola Talkabouts for SL at least.

                      4) One digital camera for each squad. 

                      5) At least one person in the squad has a medic pack. 

                      6)  One MRE or meal to eat.

                      7) Do jump test on all members.

             0815 Rehearsals for mission

                      1) Movement to contact

                      2) Danger area crossings

                      3) Hand and Arm signals

                      4) Movement formations

                      5) Land navigation

                      6) Patrol Bases and ORP 

             0945 Platoon leader will restate oporder with sand table, for platoon and answer any questions before leaving.

             1000 Movement from FOB to target  

             1100 Expected time of target

             1130 Expected leave time toward resupply point.

             1230 Expected time at resupply point.

             1300 RTO calls for resupply.

             1400 Leave patrol base toward FOB.

             1600 Expected time at FOB.        

        2) Commander's critical information requirements (CCIR):

               a) Priority Intelligence requirements (PIR):

                     1) Number of possible weapons and equipment at site.

                     2) Number of enemy at site and any distinctive features, bandannas, markings etc.

                     3) Activity at site of enemy.

                     4) Civilian presence and their activity.

                     5) Any information that can be placed within a SALUTE report (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment)  

               b) Essential elements of Friendly information (EEFI):

                     1) If recon platoon is detected near area, enemy may change locations, snipe incoming recon patrol or ambush patrol. 

               c) Friendly force information requirements (FFIR):

                     1) The personal status is good no injuries in platoon

                     2) Ammunition status of platoon is green, every soldier carries the normal combat load.

                     3) The recon platoon has a full set of leaders for mission. 2nd and 3rd platoons has full leadership capabilities. 4th platoon of Delta company has only two squads with a section sergeant. All other support companies have full leadership capabilities.

         3) Risk reduction control measures:

              1) We are at MOPP0 (Mission Oriented Protective Posture)

              2) Squad leaders will ensure that squad members carry at least two full-canteens of water and/or a camelpack. 

         4) Rules of engagement (ROE):

              1) This mission is a recon mission so unless you are fired upon or an imminent threat, you do not return fire, if the platoon or squad is detected report up the chain of command and use SOP procedures. 

         5) Environmental considerations:

             1) The environment way large contain water areas.

             2) With this mission, there may be civilians walking down forest preserve walkways. They will be listed as hostile, but ROE will be applied at all times. 

         6) Force Protection:

              1) Any enemy or civilian searches will be done via SOP

              2) An CCP will be established at ORP site. If prisoners are collected before, during or after target area is reached. Call higher commander for guidance on EPW's collected. 

         7) Movement Plan:

             a) Order of movement, formations and movement techniques:

                     1) Platoon will travel in traveling formation toward recon site.

                     2) Platoon will travel in traveling overwatch toward resupply point.

                     3)  Danger areas will be crossed via danger crossing SOP. (bounded overwatch, scrolling road) etc. etc.

                     4)  Platoon leader will be in between first and second squad in patrol and PSG will be near rear of platoon. All Squad leaders will be in middle of each squad for command and control.

                      5) Platoon will travel in travelling formation on way to recon site and back to FOB, unless changed by the platoon leader.

             b) Actions at halts:

                      1) Upon halt, platoon will goto knee and platoon leader will goto the area that caused the platoon to halt, as well as the squad leader of the squad that halted the platoon.

                      2) If platoon is halted for more than 30 seconds each member will goto prone position. 

             c) Routes:

                      1) Leaving from SP (at grid location USNG: 16T DM 03256 54855 (NAD83)) platoon will travel 1 7/8 Km. at a grid designation of 333 degrees grid.

                      2) When leaving target to resupply point platoon will travel 1 3/4 Km. at a 66 degree grid from grid location (16T DM 02331 56393 (NAD83))

                      3) When leaving the resupply point (grid location: 16T DM 03952 57184) the azimuth of resupply to FOB is 197 grid degrees with a distance of 2.45 Km. 

                      4) The declination angle is 2 degrees east. To get Magnetic azimuth from grid azimuth subtract declination angle sine it is an eastern declination. 

                      5) Usually within the military we use 6 or 8 digit coordinates. The given coordinates are 10 digit coordinates, and 16T is the UTM coordinates. we are using the USGS grid system which within the United States is identical to the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).

             d) Departure and Re-entry of friendly lines:

                       1) Upon entrance or exit of friendly areas PL will call higher for authorization to leave.

                       2) Upon re-entrance of friendly areas lead fire-team will contact entrance personal while everyone stays within cover and concealment positions. 

             e) Rally Points and actions at rally points:

                       1) At rally points, leaders will get collect ACE (Ammo Casulty, Equipment) reports from members and send up to higher if needed. Platoon leader will make determination.

                        2) During movement the lead element will determine rally points and this signal will be communicated back through platoon.

             f) Actions at danger areas:

                        1) Upon danger area crossing, platoon will be in covered and concealed position and cross using SOP.

                        2) When elements are seperated, elements will scroll the road when crossing danger areas, otherwise platoon will cross via SOP. 

Service and Support: 

    a) general:

          1) 2nd Platoon is located at grid location (16T DM 03300 55255). They have a casulty collection point and EPW support.

           2) 3rd and 4th platoons are located at grid coordinate (16T DM 02625 54875). They have a casualty collection point and EPW support. 

    b) material and services:

        1) supply:

            a) class I - rations plan: 1 MRE (meal ready to eat) will be packed for the mission, while a hot meal can be eaten prior to departure for the mission.

            b) class V - ammunition: Normal combat load will be carried.

            c) class VII - major end items (weapons): Each squad will carry the M249 machinegun and will have one grenader. everyone else will carry the standard M4.

            d) class VIII - medical: Each section element will have one person at the least carrying medical supplies.

            e) class IX - repair parts: None

             f) distribution methods: None

        2) Transportation: At resupply point the resupply chopper will be able to extract casualties back to FOB or area hospital.

        3) Services: None

        4) Maintenance:

              a) Medical plan and loaction of CCP: CCP for platoon will be at estabished ORP and also at the supporting platoon's locations.

               b) Personal support plan and locations of EPW: EPW will be at supporting platoons locations.

Command and Signal: 

    a) command:

          1) Higher's location: FOB location

          2) Platoon leader's location: With 1st platoon

          3) succession of command:

                 1) PL, PSG, 1st SL, 2nd SL, 3rd SL, 4th SL then alphabetically by rank.

    b) signal:

          1) call signs: 

                  PL: Sierra 1-1

                  PSG: Sierra 1-2

                  FO: Sierra 1-3

                  RTO: Sierra 1-4

                  1st SL: Sierra 1-5

                  2nd SL: Sierra 1-6

                  3rd SL: Sierra 1-7

                  4th SL: Sierra 1-8

                   1st PLT call sign: Sierra 1-0

                   2nd PLT call sign: Sierra 2-0

                   3rd and 4th PLT call sign: Sierra 3-0

                   Fire support call sign: Yankee 2-0

                   (FOB) Battalian's call sign: Sierra 0-0

          2) number combinations (used when forward of friendly lines):

                   1) number 7 is the number combination.

          3) challenge and password (used when  behind friendly lines):

                    *) challenge: computer

                    *) password: book

          4) running password:

                  1) running password is 17. 

Posted by rbaz at 11:32 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 28 July 2010 4:10 PM EDT
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